When creating a painting, I am exposing the inner depths of my soul. It is from there I show how very deeply I am inspired by the sea and all it offers. My love for Mother Sea began in my younger years skin diving on the East Coast in the USA.  The textures and colors of the corals, the movements of the tides and fascination for marine animals still deeply affect my work as an artist and underwater photographer. The amazing grace of nature and capturing moments of beauty continues to fill my soul with wonder and delight. So does the window that I open for the world to see through my paintings and photographic images.


My Works

Color provokes a psychic vibration. Color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body. Wassily Kandinsky

Each painting that I create is with the intention of showing the beauty of the sea. The fragility of the current state of our reefs and their inhabitants around the world is of great concern to me.   I hope you will enjoy my journey into the intriguing depths of the unknown while I explore colors, textures and movement of Mother Sea.

B. Chrisse Harwanko


Underwater Photography


“Ms. Harwanko has a gift for taking the minutiae that most of us never even see and transforming it into something so fantastic that we can’t take our eyes off of it.”

Gregory N.


Chrisse brings a unique perspective to all her art. If we all looked at the world through Chrisse's eyes, the world would be a better place
Kathie B.
I love the way Chrisse blends colors, textures and mediums while maintaining both realism and respect for nature! I have seen her abilities with underwater photography grow and how this has impacted her artwork over the years. Her art and U/W photography are inextricably linked and I love it!
John C.
Chrisse is an expert in her field and is highly respected internationally for her creative eye and ability to share with others her unique perceptions of the world. I highly recommend Chrisse's work, and wouldn't hesitate hanging more of her work on my walls.
Alice S.
Chrisse is a high-energy artist, photographer, explorer and educator with a creative vision that brings a unique international perspective to her art, journeys and classes.
Bill H.